Technical Session


State of State Finances

While India is expected to experience Amrit Kaal over the next 25 years, the fiscal health of Indian States remains fragile. RBI has itself named five states as highly stressed while another five remain above the comfort mark. States’ tendency towards handing out cash subsidies and freebies like provision of free utility services and revival of the old pension scheme have put states in this peculiar position. The pandemic only aggravated the fiscal positions.

How do States handle such a critical challenge to their fiscal situation amidst rising aspirations of their population? Can Finance Commission alone come to the rescue? What are new sources of tax and non-tax revenues even while GST has subsumed major taxes in not so distant past?


Fourth Technical Session @TIOL Tax Congress 2023

WhoM you will meet

Meet our Panelist

TIOL Knowledge Foundation (TKF) has received CONSENTS from following personalities to join our Fourth Technical Technical Session – State of State Finances

Mr. V K Garg

Former Financial Adviser to Chief Minister of Punjab

Mr. Rajagopal Devara

Addl. Chief Secretary, Revenue, Maharashtra

Ms. Kavita Rao

Public Finance Expert, NIPFP

Prof Ashwani Kumar

Dean, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Ms. Namrata Vrishni

Joint Secretary, Revenue, Govt of Rajasthan

Mr. Ranen Banerjee

Govt Sector Leader, PwC India

Topics of Discussion

Fiscal situation of States: Why have they reached where they have reached?
Has GST met the expected increase in revenues?
Use of fee as a de facto tax and constitutional issues?
Non-Tax revenues: need for a hard look from ground zero.
Use of GST experience to augment taxes outside GST?
Tax incentives for industrialisation: Does it benefit growth?
Introduction of Integrated Tax Management System & Integrated Financial Management System – A new tool-kit by Rajasthan
Expenditure management: Some new insights
Next Gen Public Finance Management – Opportunities and Challenges